Business User Obligations.

Advantage Waste Brokers WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme is a good choice for companies looking for total compliance and cost savings.

We currently provide WEEE collection and disposal services to many of the UK ‘s best known brands and have expertise and experience to help you understand and comply with new waste legislation. As an independent brokerage we offer the most economic solution utilising the most appropriate transport and treatment facilities.

For New WEEE (sold after 13 Aug 2005) The producer will be responsible for the costs of collection, treatment, recycling and recovery for all WEEE they have put on the market unless they have contractually passed the obligation down the supply chain.

For Historical WEEE (sold before 13 Aug 2005)
If no like for like replacement, the end business user is responsible for disposal
If like for like replacement of equipment is purchased, the supplier (producer) is responsible for safe compliant disposal.

Advantage Waste Brokers Compliance Scheme is an open Producer Compliance Scheme and provides a choice of services to businesses obligated under the new Regulations.

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