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Red Rose Awards 2013 Sponsored By Advantage Waste Brokers

Sponsored by Recycling Lives and Advantage Waste Brokers, the Red Rose Awards 2013 were celebrated by over 900 representatives from local businesses and charitable organisations.

Take Advantage Of A New National Car Recycling Scheme!

Recycling and waste management firm, Recycling Lives, have launched a nationwide service which enables people to scrap their old car ethically whilst supporting local charities.

WEEE Directive: A European Own Goal?

The forthcoming EU WEEE Directive could actually go against the EU’s own rules, according to a paper published by the body representing Europe’s digital industry.

WEEE Consultation: What Should The Government Do?

Is doing nothing ever an option in the world of WEEE? Some industry bodies would prefer it if the Government were to take no action – more or less – as a result of its consultation.

WEEE Directive: How To Open Up Competition

It seems that the Government’s consultation into the WEEE system has generated lively debate, with everyone having an opinion on the course of action that should be taken!

Council Recycling Officers back changes to WEEE system

At the heart of WEEE compliance and management for over ten years means that we at Advantage Waste Brokers are always interested in the opinions of others key to the industry when it comes to big changes.

North Somerset Council Collects 30 Wheelie Bins Of Waste Electronics

At Advantage Waste Brokers we are always keen to hear of successful recycling schemes across the UK and further afield. National Recycling Week fell between 17th and 23rd June and residents of North Somerset were actively encouraged to bring items … Continue reading

EU Commission responds to warning over WEEE directive ambiguity

We recently discussed the ambiguity in the latest European WEEE directive, considering the fact that it went against the EU’s own rules. The European Commission has now responded in an attempt to clear up any uncertainty.

Doing The Right Thing With WEEE

At Advantage Waste Brokers, we only work with companies that demonstrate a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility when we arrange WEEE collection.

Compliance Schemes: Risky Business For Local Authorities?

Already facing a tough economic climate, local councils could have to contend with further risks when it comes to joining WEEE compliance schemes.

Matching Sites To Schemes Could Spark Up The UK Economy

If WEEE collection sites are matched to compliance schemes, the country could save as much as £64 million per year, according to a report by Hewlett Packard.

Recycling Scheme Curbs WEEE Waste At The Kerb

At Advantage Waste Brokers, we know that making things easy for people to recycle their waste encourages them to hand in more recyclable goods.

Avoid Identity Theft: Wipe The Slate Clean Before It’s Too Late!

Identity theft is a major concern to many people today, with criminals becoming more sophisticated – and electronic crime involving computers and mobile phones rife.

Beyond The World Of WEEE We Know About

WEEE compliance schemes such as Advantage Waste Brokers work hard to ensure as much WEEE as possible is collected for recycling – but there may be much more out there!

E-Cigarette Recycling Scheme Is Smoking Hot

Electronic cigarettes are not what many people might think of when considering types of electronic goods that can be recycled – but they can, and this is happening!

Lambeth’s Lightbulb Moment

Central London has become a guiding light in the recycling of low-energy bulbs, thanks to the installation of bins within the Borough of Lambeth – including one at Waterloo!

WEEE Recycling: Lamps Put Other Items In The Shade

Lamps are the leading lights in WEEE recycling, with a significant increase in rates recorded last year – great news for the environment!

Get Down To An Electronic Beat

In the world of WEEE compliance, we are normally far too busy to let our hair down and go clubbing – but we were interested to hear about a club night with a difference!

Reuse Could Lead To Growth, And Not A WEEE Amount!

Growth in the UK’s economy could happen in the next few years – provided that the nation reuses its waste!

Hardwiring WEEE Compliance Into Business Policies

How to dispose of WEEE still needs to be given much consideration by businesses worldwide. There is always room for improvement!

WEEE Compliance: Who Pays?

How can the costs of WEEE compliance be balanced and fair to producers, waste disposal authorities, and the recycling industry? It’s a tricky situation with no easy solution.

Compliance Costs: Producers’ Point Of View

The Government is currently reviewing WEEE regulations in relation to how producers fund the recycling of waste goods, following concern about compliance costs.

Used Electronics: Waste That Is Not Waste?

WEEE contains toxic substances that need to be recycled, which is a great reason to comply with the law – after all, it’s good for the environment!

Collecting Thoughts On The WEEE Recast

What do producer compliance schemes think of the forthcoming European WEEE directive recast? Opinion varies, as you might expect!

Canadian Compliance: On Ontario’s Electrical And Electronic Efforts

For any scheme to do with sustainability to become successful, the people behind it need to know their market and be committed to providing the very best service.

When It Comes To Recycling, The Lighting Industry Is Shining Bright

The lighting industry’s lamp recycling rate shot up by just over 10%, reaching 39.5% in 2012, according to Environment Agency figures.

Phone Recycling Is Upwardly Mobile

When it comes to recycling mobile phones, the UK is far outperforming the US. Across the pond, 92% of waste mobiles are sent to landfill, whereas here, a quarter are recovered.

EU Recast: Councils Switch On To Potential Difference In WEEE Compliance

With the consultation on the EU WEEE Recast in progress, waste disposal authorities are considering the implications.

Consultation On Directive Should Spark Action

Consultation on the new European WEEE Directive was opened in mid-April by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and will end on 21st June.

Aiming High: The British-Belgian Commercial Collaboration

An innovative method to extract precious metals from WEEE is set to expand into a commercial operation, thanks to British-Belgian partnership work.