You may be a producer.

A Producer, as defined by the WEEE regulations, is a manufacturer of Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE), selling under their own brand, a brand owner / re-brander of EEE manufactured by others, or those who import EEE into the UK .

Producers:  Your obligations made clear.

A Producer who puts Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE) on the market in the UK has Producer responsibility obligations based on the type and quantity of the (EEE) that they put on the UK market.

All Producers, regardless of their size, are required to register with a compliance scheme within 28 days of placing EEE on the UK market. They are responsible for providing their Producer Compliance Scheme with the weight of EEE products in each WEEE category that they have put on the market during the previous quarter. B2B customers are also required to declare the weight and category of WEEE that they have disposed of during each quarter.

Information must be submitted to the Producer’s Compliance Scheme within three weeks of the end of each quarter to enable the information to be submitted to the Environment Agency on time.

Producers are required to display their Producer Registration Number and usually show the number on invoices and/or letterheads.

Producers of EEE are responsible for all costs associated with recovery and recycling. Recycling information must be made available to customers, and when requested, processing sites (AATFs).

There are also obligations for business users of EEE, when the equipment they are using comes to the end of its life.

Mark your products

All producers are now responsible for marking EEE. You should be marking all new electrical products with:

  • The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol
  • A producer identification mark
  • A date mark

The wheeled bin mark aims to help minimise the amount of WEEE disposed of as unsorted household waste. In some cases, because of the size or the function of the product, the symbol can be printed on the packaging, the instructions or on the warranty.

Information links:
Explanation of marking requirements with symbol and proportions
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EEE: This will be equipment that you:

  • Manufacture and sell under your own brand.
  • Re-sell under your own brand
  • Import for sale on the UK market.
  • Supply for sale in another EU member state.

Types of EEE producers:

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C)

You are a B2C Producer if you produce and sell EEE intended for domestic use.

You are a B2B Producer if you produce and sell EEE intended for business use.